Bad Weather, Illness, Excuses?

My total cycling in December, January and February is 170 miles, 255 miles, and 87 miles so far this month. What’s happened and why have the wheels seemingly fallen off my training regime?

Well, it would be easy to blame the bad weather over the past two months and there has been plenty of wind and rain and it is true that a cold laid me low for the best part of 3 weeks but is this really behind a marked decrease in training. The weather may have been bad but did it lead to an increase in gym work or stationary bike workouts? No, it didn’t. OK, so what are the probable reasons for the decline?

  1. No short-term goals
  2. No short-term training plan
  3. Unsure as to what type of training to focus on
  4. Taking a break
  5. Not happy riding winter bike,
  6. Not confident with bike mechanics
  7. Busy building garden office on good cycling days

What is the solution? Set short-term targets:

  1. 500 steady miles in March, 600 in April, 600 in May
  2. Reduce weight to 71.5kg by end of March, 70kg by end of April
  3. Two gym sessions per week (Tuesday, Thursday)

What is required to achieve these targets?

  1. Watch my diet – back to controlled foods and portion sizes
  2. Approx. 125 miles per week (8 hours per week) – 3-hr ride Wed, 2 x 2hr Sat & Sun, 1 1/2 hr Mon or Fri
  3. Ride alone and not in groups – zones 2 & 3; aerobic
  4. Plan ahead – check out weekly weather forecast and plan rides accordingly
  5. Increase ride distance whenever possible – move up to 60,70,80 miles