20th March 2014 – Fuelling Properly for Rides & Weight Contro

There are a couple of things on my mind right now – one is fuelling for rides and the other is weight control.

I went out on a club ride yesterday and I was going strong until we reached the 2 hour point. After two hours there was a noticeable drop in my energy levels and this is nothing new, I have experienced this before. I had breakfast two hours before the ride (my usual oats, fruit, seeds, skimmed milk and a piece of toast). During the ride I had two bananas and one energy drink (1L cordial/water and 6 spoons of sugar). If I ran out of energy this meant that my general glycogen stores were low or I didn’t consume enough calories during the ride, or I consumed the calories too late in the ride or a combination of these factors. Therefore, there is a need to clarify what food is needed for a given ride and when it needs to be consumed. There is also a need for a better understanding on how to prepare my body a few days in advance of a big ride or for a concentrated period of hard training.

The body is only capable of processing 60g carbohydrate per hour – it therefore follows that any amount in excess of this is wasted. What constitutes 60g?

  1. One energy bar
  2. 2-3 bananas
  3. 2 sachets energy gels
  4. 2 handfuls raisins

Therefore, as a minimum it is important that I consume 180g carbohydrate on a 3-hour ride which is the equivalent of 6-8 bananas!! In future, I will take 2 good sized bananas, 1 energy bar or equivalent (maybe bread with honey), and 2 x 1L energy drinks. I will start consuming these carbohydrates after 30 minutes. I’m not overly keen on all the sweet stuff as it is damaging to my teeth. I need to start experimenting with using rice, potatoes and other staples.

A couple of days ago after I woke up I felt light headed and my eyesight was patchy. This would suggest low blood sugar levels. Therefore, I can be pretty certain that I went into yesterdays ride with low muscle glycogen stores. In future, I need to prepare a couple of days in advance to replenish my glycogen stores to as high a level as possible.

I am currently 72.8kg and my weight loss has been steady and gradual over the past two months. I remain committed to reducing my weight to 69.5kg.

  • Reduce weight from 72.8 to 69.5 = 3.3kg weight loss
  • Current body fat is between 10-12.5% which is between 7.3 and 9.1kg
  • At 69.5kg my body fat would constitute between 4 and 5.8kg (ie., body fat % of 5.8-8.3%)

In order to maximise fat loss and minimise muscle loss I will maintain a high protein diet (approx. 100g per day) and weight train 2/3 times per week.