Power Training Plan July-14 to January-15

The outline plan for the next 6 months is as follows:

  • Total hours training: total 300 hours or 12 hours per week
  • Power-based training; increase CP6 and CP60 by 10%
  • Meso-cycles of 6 weeks and training cycles of 3 weeks (2 weeks training, 1 week recovery)

Main cycles

  1. July 18th – August 10th: preparation, general gym work, endurance riding, climbing
  2. August 11th – September 21st: strength building gym
  3. September 22nd – October 26th: raising LT and building strength on bike
  4. October 27th – December 7th: strength building gym
  5. December 8th – January 18th: raising LT and building strength on bike


  • Total 5-6 activities per week
  • Always have one rest day
  • 3 gym sessions per week totalling 3 hours
  • 1 session – building leg strength: squats, plyometrics, internal turbo
  • 1 session – building leg strength: weights-only with focus on stretches between sets
  • 1 session – general gym work & stretching
  • 9 hours cycling per week
  • 1 long ride between 80-100 miles every week (4 1/2 hours)
  • 3 shorter bike sessions averaging 1 1/2 hours or 2 bike sessions (1 x 3 hours, 1 x 11/2 hours)

Nutrition & weight

  • Reduce body fat to 3.5-4kg
  • Organise nutrition partitioning around activities – carbs before and during training, protein afterwards
  • High quality nutrition – make meals in advance. Reduce dependence on non-paleo carbohydrates

Powering a New Way Forward 16/7/14

Whilst on holiday in Sicily I made the decision to invest in a power meter. I made this decision for the following reasons:

  1. I can accurately gauge how my training is progressing
  2. I can set very specific goals such as improving my CP60 and CP6 power outputs
  3. I can use the power meter in conjunction with Training Peaks WKO+ software to accurately analyse my training
  4. I can use the meter in conjunction with my Garmin 500

I’ve gone for the best value meter from Stages – it is a Shimano 105 crank meter that simply fits in place of the existing crank. Once I have the meter installed I will test my CP6 and CP60 power output. My training will be composed of the following main elements:

  • Build strength using weights and bike specific training
  • Use periodisation to focus on specific training aspects
  • Build endurance
  • Increase capacity to train for longer periods
  • Increase speed of recovery
  • Increase TT speed
  • Increase climbing speed
  • Increase sprint speed
  • Improve bike handling skills

Moving forward, my training periods could work as follows:

  • From now until Ride London (10/8) – continue to focus on long distances and endurance but build in some climbing/threshold work
  • After 10/8, my training to follow 6-week cycles and each cycle to focus on strength building followed by CP60 training, followed by CP6 training and then repeated
  • 6 week cycles to be split into 2 mini-cycles (2 weeks training and 1 week recovery)