Weight Loss – Not a Linear Process!

As recorded on previous posts my weight loss has not been straight-forward and at times I have felt I have been in a battle with my body to get my weight down. There doesn’t appear to be too much in the way of a consensus in the scientific community as to how weight loss works so I am going to draw on my own experience and make some inferences on the physiological processes that may be at work.

  • My own weight loss has followed a stepped pattern, that is, initial weight loss is followed by a period of no weight loss or gain. It feels like the body is learning to adjust to its new body composition. It’s default is to revert back to the original body composition as soon as possible. The only way to stabilise the weight loss is to keep a close control on calorific consumption and maintain┬átraining load. I can only assume that there a chemical signals being given out by the body to inform the brain of changes that are taking place. Where these signals come from I am not entirely sure, they could be coming from different locations such as muscle fibres, adipose tissue, etc, etc. This would make sense as the bodies first line of defence to external changes. If these external dangers did not pose any long term danger to survival (ie., there is still food available, albeit less) then the body would adapt to the new conditions.
  • Fat loss is slower than weight loss