Having a Plan – Feb 10th 2015

I’ve discussed plenty of objectives on this blog but over recent months it hasn’t yet translated into an actual plan so it is worth reviewing why that is and then actually putting something down on paper. Here goes….

I know I want to increase my FTP power to 320w – that is a massive jump from where I am but I got up to 274w at my peak last September which would leave me 46w to gain, an increase of 17%. Achieving this will feed into all sorts of performance improvements in other areas so this is what I’m going to focus on. So, why have I not got a plan written out? I think the main reason is mental fatigue. Sticking to a plan which also involves watching very carefully what I eat and drink and monitoring my HRV is very demanding. In the end, I think I just got mentally exhausted with it as well as being physically tired. The body clearly does need breaks both in the short-term and in the long-term and what applies to the body equally applies to the mind. So, now I’ve got my excuses out of the way what are the resources I have got to hand to help me achieve my target of 320w?

  • Intelligence
  • Time
  • Body shape
  • Determination
  • Endurance

I’ve had a couple of false-starts recently, I’ve got back into training and then overdone the intensity on a couple of rides which has left me with colds!! Duh! I need to gradually get back into my training and gradually build up volume followed by intensity. As far as training periods I am thinking of training for 2 weeks followed by 1 week of recovery training which is a 3-week training block. Each training block can focus on developing one of the main energy systems so I can start with building my endurance and work through LT, VO2 Max, Anaerobic Capacity and then Neuromuscular.

So, looking at timescales, events, etc it could work out as follows:

  • 9/2-15/2 Recovery
  • 16/2-22/2 Cottage Cornwall, recovery & endurance (500TSS)
  • 23/2-1/3 Recovery (400TSS)
  • 2/3/8/3 Endurance (550TSS)
  • 9/3-15/3 Endurance/tempo intervals (575TSS)
  • 16/3-22/3 Recovery (450TSS)
  • 23/3-29/3 Majorca – endurance/tempo intervals (625TSS)
  • 30/3-5/4 Majorca – endurance/tempo intervals (675TSS)
  • 6/4-12/4 Recovery (500TSS)
  • 13/4-19/4 Endurance/Tempo, Exmoor Beauty (675TSS)
  • 20/4-26/4 Endurance/Tempo/LT
  • 27/4-3/5 Recovery (525TSS)

OK, the good thing is I have already put this into Training Peaks. I now need to use MyFitnessPal and iThlete regularly to make sure my training is headed in the right direction. I am confident I can get down to 67.5kg so this is another goal.