Review of January-16 Training

Overall, January was a pretty good to start to the year:

  • I started using myfitnesspal again to control my calorie intake with the aim of losing 0.5kg per week. My weight had risen to 73kg and I decided to reduce my weight to 67.5kg which would take approx. 3 months to achieve. At the last weigh-in (31/1/16) my weight had reduced to 72.1kg and my body fat was down to 8.7%
  • I started training twice a week at the gym, chest & core on one session and shoulders & core on the other
  • I decided on a TSS that equated to approx. 150 miles cycling per week, my aim is to grow TSS towards 100 TSS per day and to do this gradually and therefore avoid overtraining
  • I am aiming to increase my FTP to 300 watts, however, my first step is to get it up to 275 watts
  • I want to increase my FTP so I can complete a 10 mile TT in under 25 minutes
  • I have decided to adopt a 2-week block of training followed by 1 week of R&R. The R&R week will maintain the mileage but without┬áthe intensity
  • I will be doing one long ride every week and so far I have completed two
  • I have started to use the turbo as a backup when the weather is bad and also when it is just not possible to find the time to go out on the bike during the day
  • FTP on a turbo is 20-30 watts lower than outside so sessions have to be adjusted accordingly

Overview of next few months

February – maintain training established in January, one long endurance ride and on session each for anaerobic capacity, VO2 Max, and Lactate Threshold. Active recovery rides in between to make up the weekly mileage. Aim to lose 2kg so weight should be around 70kg. Weeks holiday in Cornwall so need to take bike and maintain sessions and importantly stick to controlling calorie intake.

March – maintain training sessions established in January and February but hopefully more outdoor sessions. Need to organise blocks of training to leave a taper at end of month as will be going to Mallorca for first 2 weeks of April. Will do Mad March 200k Audax

April – two weeks warmer weather training in Mallorca. Need to increase mileage and get some long rides in whilst still maintaining AC, VO2 Max, and LT sessions. Should look to do 200-250 miles per week